Plantings go into the pool

Passive house in the fall

The garage going up. It is nestled into the side of a hill and will eventually get a green roof.

The barn siding has been re-oiled with a new oil that will keep the charred color for longer. Here are pictures of the oiling in progress and complete.

The natural pool is technically swimmable at this point. Plants will go in next week, and decking/stairs/etc. will be completed in the next few weeks. It’s going to be beautiful!

At the house. And below, construction begins on the garage!

We recently hosted a classical music concert at the barn, featuring the Four Nations Ensemble. The theme for the concert was “The Hunt” and featured french horns. The music was amazing, a truly inspiring scene!

The pool takes shape. You can see bases for what will be steps in the pool, and the different levels for filtering the water.

Voila! The House!

Presenting… the house